Writers Homicide School – The Book or The Writers Homicide Encyclopedia

I just crossed 100 pages and I don’t even feel close to being half way though, not even a third of the way. I can’t help myself but to explain all that I can as I go through these topics. I think that taking my time to make this book the most comprehensive I can is far more important than meeting some self-imposed deadline. As I delve into writing this book, I realize it has the chance of becoming quite the learning experience for writers who have little to no experience with real world law enforcement, weapons, wounds and murders. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far and I get more excited everyday about how it is turning out. A couple people have read a chapter here or there and they seem to be as excited about the potential of this project as I am.

Since this is not a novel, the length of it may be quite substantial, but I think it needs to be. Writers can not, nor should they, try to include every aspect of the information they will learn in this writer’s homicide encyclopedia, its new nickname and possible title. Writers will be able to use this for years and decades to come. Much of what I’m putting in the book is timeless and universal to law enforcement throughout the United States, but also internationally as well. I’ve come to realize just how much you learn about something doing it for two decades.

You kind of take things for granted until you talk to someone who doesn’t have your experience. A woman called me the other day to ask me about the search warrant process. We cops think in terms of, we got a search warrant and then hit the house. She told me she didn’t know the first thing about the process and wanted to know what it contains and how you “get” it. I hadn’t thought of it before, but yeah, most people have no idea what is involved in writing and obtaining a warrant; that we have to go visit a judge and and all the steps involved in completing the warrant service including those steps after the warrant is served. This is some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

The book is growing and I’m sure it will be comprehensive enough to help any writer who is looking to bolster their work with a little or a lot of reality.

Okay back to work!

3 thoughts on “Writers Homicide School – The Book or The Writers Homicide Encyclopedia

  1. Very exciting! I firmly believe your book is going to become a classic and standard reference material for the industry! Best regards and keep on writing! Marjorie McCown

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